Parliament Recaps American Idol Top 12 Girls

Courtesy of Parliament    

The Top 12 Girls certainly out performed the Top 12 Guys. 

For starters, I was really impressed with Alaina Whitaker’s version of “More Today Than Yesterday”.  I liked her young fresh spirit, she gave me a Carrie Underwood-ish vibe.

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Parliament’s American Idol Top 12 Guys Recap

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The Top 12 guys performed tonight on American Idol.  For the most part, it was pretty disappointing, seeing boring performance, after boring performance.  Most of the guys, just weren’t that good in my eyes.

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American Idol Fearless Predictions

 by Parliament          fearless

I know its very early, and the Top 24 American Idol contestants (12 girls & 12 guys) have not been officially announced, as everyone knows, Parliament is one that likes to be fearless.  That being said, like me give you, the devoted American Idol fans, Parliament’s Final Five American Idol projections.

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In about a month, as we get down to the Final Five contestants of the most watched television show in the world, here are the five, according to Parliament,  that will be left standing, performing for your vote !!!


 1)            Michael Lee Johns         28           Los Angeles, CA      (Winner)             


2)                Syesha Mercado              20          Sarasota, FL


 3)          Brooke White                    24           Hollywood, CA


 4)          Garrett Haley                    17           Lima, OH


 5)          Kady Malloy                      18           Katy, TX


Other potential finalists:  Colton Berry, Kristy Lee Cook, David Archuleta, Chikezie Eze, and Jason Yeager


Parliament Plays NBA GM


Courtesy of Parliament

The 2008 NBA Draft will be held on June 26, 2008 at the Washington Mutual Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The draft will be broadcast in the United States on ESPN

Sure thats five months away, but I have some thoughts, and there are guys that I’d have my eyes on, if I were an NBA GM.So, let’s play this game.  If today was June 26th, and I was an NBA GM, what players would I have on my draft board.  Here are the TOP 10 players, Parliament would select as of today.Granted this list is how I think it should go, not how I foresee it going, come June.

1.  Jarvis Varnado         Mississippi State 


NBA Comparison:  Tyson Chandler

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David versus Goliath

We all know the Pats are unbeaten this season, chasing history.  The Pats are largely consider one of the best, or the best team in NFL history.  The Pats have broken countless amounts of NFL records this season, team and individual.  The Pats have had two weeks to prepare, rest, and regroup for this playoff game.  The Pats enter this Saturday evening (8pm EST) matchup with Jacksonville a 13.5 point favorite.  To most people, including some esteemed colleagues of, this game will be not only be won by the Pats, but by a handsome margin.

Enter Parliament.  Recently, been called an “idiot” by sportsoup blogger, “Farmer Fran”, Parliament continues his rant that Jacksonville will beat the Pats in the playoffs.  See, Parliament has been stating this prediction for months.  When the Pats began the season in upwards of 7-0 … 8-0 … many a discussion occurred about the chances of the Pats going undefeated.  Upon request, Parliament consistently stated his theory that the Patriots would go undefeated during the regular season … but once they had to face the Jags in the playoffs, the run for perfection would be halted.  This Jags over the Pats theory seems all but consequential to Parliament’s preseason prediction of the Dallas over Jacksonville Super Bowl. 

So maybe Parliament is “grasping” here.  Maybe he is crazy.  Hey, he is a proclaimed “sports idiot!”  But like our friends with OneRepublic say, “it too late to apologize.”  And Parliament will never do it.  Parliament likes what he likes.  Sticks by his predictions, usually somewhat fearless.  That’s what trash talk is all about.  I say I like some team, or player, and you say, “they are shit,” with the same passionate enthusiasm.  And damn it feels good to be right … (as Garrard prepares his slingslot)

Projection:  Jacksonville   34      New England   31


Parliament’s Fearless Predictions NFL Divisional Playoffs

–     Cowboys Terrell Owens will start Sunday versus the Giants, but will be held under 50 yards receiving, and will have to leave the game in spots upon re-injuring his ankle

–     Bill Cowher will change his tune about sitting out another year of coaching, once Daniel Snyder tenders him an “offer he can’t refuse”

–     Buffalo will hire Greg Gabriel to replace Marv Levy as GM

–     Chargers TE Antonio Gates will actually start versus Indianapolis, despite reports his toe injury will keep him on Sunday

–     New England will finally get their dose of Jags medicine, and lose for the first and last time all season

–     Mike Holmgren will give Brett Favre a kiss at midfield, after Seattle’s blowout loss to Green Bay on Saturday

–     After Kirk Ferentz and Rob Chudzinski denied interviews with the Ravens, Baltimore will focus their main attention on hiring either Rex Ryan or Jim Schwartz

–     Atlanta Falcons will interview USC’s Pete Carroll for not only the Head Coaching Job, but also to take over as GM as well

–     The Ravens will consider bringing back Marvin Lewis as Defensive Coordinator if he is made available by Cincinnati

–     Bills QB JP Losman will be dealt to the Chicago Bears for cash considerations

Parliament’s Best Bets NFL Divisional Playoffs

Jacksonville ( +13 ) over New England         Projection:  Jacksonville   34      New England   31

San Diego ( + 8 1/2 ) over Indianapolis            Projection:  San Diego   30      Indianapolis   19

Green Bay ( – 8 ) over Seattle                            Projection:  Seattle   10      Green Bay   31


Parliament’s Fantasy Studs NFL Divisional Playoffs

QB   Tom Brady                             325 yards passing, 3 TDs

RB   Fred Taylor                            124 yards rushing, 2 TDs

RB   Brandon Jacobs                      143 yards rushing, 1 TD

WR   Vincent Jackson                    156 yards receiving, 2 TDs