Bacon’s Number – American Idol Edition

 Courtesy of Bacon   

With no NFL to handicap, and no NCAA tournament games yet being played the time has come today for me to show my versatility.

I know what your thinking, this guy’s no factor picking the winner of American Idol, he’s a sports guy. He should just stick to what he knows, or at least what he thinks he knows.

But, understand this, I can spot talent period.

All handicappers can.

Know right now that I’ve yet to be defeated when attempting to handicap American Idol.

I’m two for two. (those being Fantasia Borino, and Taylor Hicks)

When I say picked incidentally, I mean after seeing their first audition.

In case your curious, the reason why I’ve only two handicapped seasons of Idol, it’s because those were back in my the old ESPN 1300AM radio Baltimore days, and we handicapped everything on the air, back then.

So, that all said, the time has come once again to play everybody’s favorite game, the Bacon’s Number, American-Idol edition

Because I am the most competive person I know, I’m silly enough to actually think that I can accurately get prognosticate every game or in this case, contest I try to.

So understand I’ve yet to see the entire field perform, but with what I’ve seen so far, here’s what I’m prepared to say about who’s left.

From where I’m sitting it’s a 5 horse field of the group of 24 who are left.

Below is the remaining group.

Season 7 Top 20 Contestants

Alaina Whitaker                   Michael Johns
Alexandréa Lushington      Robbie Carrico
Amanda Overmyer               Ramiele Malubay
Asia’h Epperson                    Luke Menard
Brooke White                         Kristy Lee Cook
Carly Smithson                      Kady Malloy
Chikezie Eze                            Jason Yeager
Danny Noriega                      Jason Castro
David Archuleta                   David Hernandez
David Cook                              Syesha Mercado

From where I’m sittin’ of the 20 people that are left, it’s obvious to me that you can count on one hand those who have any shot to win.

Here they are in no particular order, for now.

Alaina Whitaker, David Archuletta, Syesha Mercado, Asia’h Epperson, Michael Johns

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my expanded American Idol breakdown, where I will reveal my selection for: Idol 2008



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