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THESPORTSOUP was created by the founding members of ESPN Radio Analysts, the Sports Idiots.  The Sports Idiots are widely known for their signature style, which incorporates pop culture references, raw energy, and uncensored rants on sports issues, and sports personalities. 

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David versus Goliath

We all know the Pats are unbeaten this season, chasing history.  The Pats are largely consider one of the best, or the best team in NFL history.  The Pats have broken countless amounts of NFL records this season, team and individual.  The Pats have had two weeks to prepare, rest, and regroup for this playoff game.  The Pats enter this Saturday evening (8pm EST) matchup with Jacksonville a 13.5 point favorite.  To most people, including some esteemed colleagues of thesportsoup.com, this game will be not only be won by the Pats, but by a handsome margin.

Enter Parliament.  Recently, been called an “idiot” by sportsoup blogger, “Farmer Fran”, Parliament continues his rant that Jacksonville will beat the Pats in the playoffs.  See, Parliament has been stating this prediction for months.  When the Pats began the season in upwards of 7-0 … 8-0 … many a discussion occurred about the chances of the Pats going undefeated.  Upon request, Parliament consistently stated his theory that the Patriots would go undefeated during the regular season … but once they had to face the Jags in the playoffs, the run for perfection would be halted.  This Jags over the Pats theory seems all but consequential to Parliament’s preseason prediction of the Dallas over Jacksonville Super Bowl. 

So maybe Parliament is “grasping” here.  Maybe he is crazy.  Hey, he is a proclaimed “sports idiot!”  But like our friends with OneRepublic say, “it too late to apologize.”  And Parliament will never do it.  Parliament likes what he likes.  Sticks by his predictions, usually somewhat fearless.  That’s what trash talk is all about.  I say I like some team, or player, and you say, “they are shit,” with the same passionate enthusiasm.  And damn it feels good to be right … (as Garrard prepares his slingslot)

Projection:  Jacksonville   34      New England   31


Trash Talk Forum

If its NFL Playoffs, NCAA March Madness, BCS, NBA, MLB, Golf, NASCAR, Horse Racing, and/or Tennis … http://www.thesportsoup.com is the first place you click.  Get updated headlines, gaming trends, up to the minute vegas odds, commentary, daily sports quotes, free selections from ESPN Radio Analysts, fearless predictions, and of course

The Trash Talk Forum with ESPN Radio’s “The Sports Idiots”.  

Who doesn’t have an opinion about sports?  That’s why we watch games, bet games, play fantasy, and talk with our friends about.  Now there is a place for you to have your voice heard.  The Trash Talk Forum” brings the true sports fan, the opportunity to talk smack with other sports fans worldwide.  The forum is set in a message board prefix, in which you can rant on any topic you choose.

 Post your thoughts, get feedback, or hey maybe learn something new.

 This is the arena that the true sports fanatic comes to.

 Step up to the plate … drive the lane … tee it up … get under “center” …

 COME TALK SOME TRASH at http://www.thesportsoup.com/

Jaguars Bandwagon? Be Sure to wear a Seatbelt

Please people, just stop. The Jags have NO CHANCE of beating New England this weekend in the AFC Divisional Playoffs. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past four months, you may have noticed that the Patriots are pretty good. I know, I know, it’s cool now to “hate” the Pats, with all of their silly winning and stuff. But Jacksonville? Please, did anyone actually watch the Jags/Steelers game last week. The Jags scored after a 96 yard kickoff return, an INT for a TD, and another TD set up by an interception. Ben Roethlisberger was simply horrible in the first half and basically allowed the Jags to get a big lead.

Of course, Ben and the Steelers turned the game around in the second half and if it wasn’t for some bonehead management by rookie coach Mike Tomlin, the game would have gone to overtime and who knows what would’ve happened. David Garrard made a play when it mattered, no doubt. But is this the guy you are counting on to beat the best team in the league on the road in the playoffs? You sure about that?

This game will be ugly, and get out of hand very quickly if the Jags offense performs like it did last week in Pittsburgh. I like New England BIG. Like I said, if you’re jumping on the Jags bandwagon, be sure to buckle up.

Chatter Line 11/26

Parliament: Why did AJ Feeley just throw that ball up towards the endzone?  They were driving easily down field, and we’re in field goal range already?  Parody is alive and well in the NFL … Eagles barely Miami 0-10 … and then pretty much beat NE 11-0. But the good teams do get lucky … and that win last night was a gift. Note:  Donovan McNabb is the most overrated player in NFL History … (been saying that for years)

Professor: I agree that we’re seeing a lot more parity in the NFL…it’s only going to become more apparent as the AFC keeps losing ground to the NFC in the next couple years. Even though New England is 11-0, Philly is 5-6 and Miami is 0-10 the teams are actually a lot closer than their records indicate. New England should really be about 9-2, Philly should be more like 6-5 and the Dolphins have lost FIVE games by three points. It’s all the bounce of the ball.

Medicus: Skins should be 10-1.  Outplayed the Pack, Giants, Eagles, Cowboys, and now Bucs.  Gave all those games away late

Parliament: Not sure about 10-1, but seriously Jason Campbell just gave that game away yesterday versus the Bucs … Or maybe Ronde Barber, and Kelly were in the Skins’ huddle …

Medicus: Classic case of growing pains of young QB thinking………….”The play is designed to go there and I’m throwing it that way no matter what”.  The second pick by Kelly was just a poor throw.  Santana was open in the corner.  Just needed more air under it, a “my guy catches it, or nobody does” throw. The first one is what I had a big problem with.  Barber jumped the out route and Campbell proceeded to go thru the motion anyway.  All he had to do was recognize this, step back, and he would have seen the safety had come up and left McCardell running free down the seam UNCOVERED, WIDE OPEN.  Should have been an easy read, look at your second option…………easy touchdown. The game was decided in the first half, when Washington spotted Tampa 16 points off of four fumbles in their own end………………a Baltimore Ravens impersonation if you will.

Parliament: Another point I can take from this week is that the Eagles are again, a much better team without McNabb at QB.  History is seemingly repeating itself again.  Though, Feeley blew the game, with that ill-advised throw late in the 4th (Eagles on the move, and in field goal range) … they are obviously a better team with Feeley at the helm, much like last year, when the Eagles were a last place team with McNabb, and came back to win the division with Garcia. It appears obvious that McNabb will be in Baltimore next season, since he is the perfect candidate to be our starting QB … old, past his prime, and nobody else wants him. Go Ravens !!!

Rain Man: Pats are -21 in Baltimore next week..

Medicus: That’s nuts.  When was the last time a team was a 21 point dog at home that is a defending division winner?

Medicus: Sean Taylor……….jeez.  Robbery.  Shot in leg.  Bullet pierced femoral artery.  Is in extremely critical condition and in surgery at hospital after being airlifted there by helicopter.

Rain Man: The Ravens are really bad…Like I said weeks ago, Blow it up!

Parliament: I have no problems laying 21 with the Pats versus the Ravens. Moss versus Ivy or Martin … oh dear god !!! Wait a second … Welker versus Ivy or Martin … oh dear god too !!! Why is Duane Starks seeming good right about now???

Medicus: If they can win out and finish 9-7, they have an outside chance at a wild card if Tennessee continues to stumble. Realistically, I think they finish 6-10, losses against Pats/Indy/@Seattle.

Daily Bread 10.30.07

Bacon & The Professor run down the top ten stories of NFL Week 9.