Lebron Brooklyn Bound?

Courtesy of Parliament    

Hey don’t knock the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise.  Their efforts to better the franchise has been obvious.  They made to the NBA Finals last season.  They pull off the biggest blockbuster deal before the NBA Trade Deadline.  They have consulted, and catered to their “King James”.  But is that enough?

Should they be worried about Lebron opting out of his deal in the summer of 2010?  Well, you’d think this wouldn’t be something to worry about, considering it is two and a half years away, but hey, it is Lebron.


Obviously, “King James” is a dedicated player.  He has driven himself to be all he can be on and off the court, and at such a young age.  More than just the desire to succeed in the NBA, and even to win a Championship, Lebron aspires to be the ‘ultimate’ icon.  Not so different than his pal, Jay-Z.


Watchful eyes, especially in Cavaliers’ circles, witness a collaboration between the two media moguls, Jay-Z and Lebron, during All-Star weekend.  The two co-hosted a VIP dinner.  This star studded event was deemed the “Two Kings” dinner in New Orleans, aiming the promotion of merging mediums of music and basketball.  Beyond this event, James and Jay-Z have been very close over the past couple years.  The two have been seen together often.  As Jay-Z’s empire continues to blossom – Award-winning Musician, President of a Record Label, Liquor Distribution, Clothing line, Hotel Enterpriser, and Co-Owner of the New Jersey Nets … Lebron has made his mark on the courts in Ohio. 

Lebron is an ambitious individual.  The days of being “like Mike” may certainly have been Lebron’s early dreams, but as he has grown, his desire to be “bigger than Mike” has evolutionized.  Once, Lebron stated he wanted to become the first ‘billionaire’ athlete.  Do you think James thinks this can be acheived in the media market of Cleveland?

Friendship is one thing.  Stars hang out with stars.  They’ll rub elbows from time to time, but this is slightly different.  Lebron sees Jay-Z as a marketing mentor.  There is certainly a bond beyond acquaintances here.  I mean, Kid James from Akron, attended the Yankees-Cleveland baseball playoffs series, dawning a Yankees cap.  NIKE has a Lebron/Yankees shoe Ad Campaign set to be release next month.  James has made no secrets about his love for New York.


We’ve seen the ‘two kings’ in New York, New Orleans, Cleveland, and Vegas together.  So is it inevitable the two will rendez-vous again in Brooklyn?  If you ask me, Lebron will have a big decision to make, but it might not be that difficult for James.  In the Brooklyn-NY market, there’s ‘no limits’ … wait sorry, that’s ‘Master P’ isn’t it?  The Nets could be in Brooklyn as soon as the 2011-2012 season, I for one, expect Lebron James to be in a Nets uniform by then.


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  1. I heard about this from a story over on Highbrid Nation and I honestly don’t see Lebron leaving Cleveland. He seems like one of the few athletes around today with integrity and loyalty. I could be wrong though.

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