McFadden Sprints to Top of Draft Board

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Does the ACC have title contender?

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Is there such a thing as a good loss?

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Coach Bob Knight

by Rainman    


 Coach Knight was one of a kind, no one will ever deny that. Some will choose to remember him for his sideline antics. Some will choose to remember his dismissal from Indiana after violating the University’s “no tolerance” policy. I will remember Coach Knight for one thing, and that’s teaching the game of Basketball, and doing better than almost anyone ever has and ever will.

Coach Knight leaves Texas Tech as the winningest coach in the history of College Basketball, with 28 NCAA Tournament appearances and 3 National Championships. His 1976 Indiana team is the last team to go undefeated in the sport. He won a Gold Medal a coach of the Olympic team in 1984.

Obviously Coach Knight made some mistakes, and he more than paid for them. His temper got him into trouble more than once, and he had numerous players transfer out of his program. However, he taught Basketball better than anyone and his 15 NBA Draft first round selections and 36 NBA players speak volumes about the kind of teacher he was. College Basketball won’t be the same without him.

Parliament Plays NBA GM


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The 2008 NBA Draft will be held on June 26, 2008 at the Washington Mutual Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The draft will be broadcast in the United States on ESPN

Sure thats five months away, but I have some thoughts, and there are guys that I’d have my eyes on, if I were an NBA GM.So, let’s play this game.  If today was June 26th, and I was an NBA GM, what players would I have on my draft board.  Here are the TOP 10 players, Parliament would select as of today.Granted this list is how I think it should go, not how I foresee it going, come June.

1.  Jarvis Varnado         Mississippi State 


NBA Comparison:  Tyson Chandler

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