McFadden Sprints to Top of Draft Board

Courtesy of Parliament    

With the NFL Draft a mere two months away, many intrigued eyes are focused on the NFL Combines in Indianapolis.  In the midst of this parade of scouting, is Darren McFadden.  McFadden was the Heisman runner-up two years running, and is widely considered the best player in the upcoming NFL draft.

Darren McFadden

Many NFL scouts are just waiting to catch ‘lightning in a bottle’.  Well, guess what?  The storm hit today in Indy. 

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McFadden blazed their his 40 yard dash combine in a time of 4.33 seconds.  As the NFL scouts drooled, new Super Agent, Mike Conley, Jr. just smiled as he ate his lunch.  Marred with controversy from off the field incidents, some experts thought McFadden’s draft fortunes might be in jeopardy, due to his character issues.  After his combine dash, I think as long as Darren can sign his name, he’ll be okay.

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So just because he runs fast, he’ll go #1?  Not willing to say that.  But McFadden has done more than run fast in the combines, he is an accomplished RB in college.  McFadden played against top competition, in a powerhouse SEC.  He has shown ability to bounce back quickly from injury.  He has the prototypical body.  And the Adrian Peterson factor doesn’t hurt.  All the teams that passed on Peterson last season, don’t want that to happen again.  If he doesn’t go #1, McFadden won’t fall far.

Will Parcells and the Dolphins draft McFadden?  Not likely.  Not an impossibility either though.  Sure the Dolphins have Ronnie Brown coming back from a major knee injury, and Ricky Williams coming back from, I like to say a cloud of smoke.  But rumors are still flying that Marion Barber will be in a Dolphins uniform next season as well. 

So what does that mean?  That means, we should expect Parcells to open the bidding for the Dolphins #1 pick.  Parcells knows the Dolphins needs are many.  And if the Dolphins can come out of the draft with a couple more high rounds picks, they’ll pull off a deal.  And there are many suitors for that selection.  Atlanta and Oakland, sit at the #3 and #4 picks respectively, and would love to solidify their backfield.  Atlanta would probably like to solidify anything at this point.  The Dolphins are sitting in a great position, and the Tuna will certainly dangle the bait around.

Will McFadden be the next Adrian Peterson?  McFadden sure looks like a game-changing player.  And these kinds of players are hard to come by.  We already know, that McFadden can re-produce (expecting father of two – 1 in July and 1 in August), I guess we’ll find out soon enough if Darren can produce at the NFL level.


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