Does the ACC have title contender?

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  UNC and Duke certainly have a shot at the Final Four, but can they realistic compete for the National Title?  ACC fans will tell you that.  And hey, they have a point.  For UNC its all about getting healthy.  Lawson needs to run that team and lead them to the promise land.  Will it happen?  Probably not, don’t get me wrong, I have UNC as a Final 4 team, but I have been saying it all season, a team that relies heavily on Tyler Hansbrough will never win any championship.  From the begin of the season, I thought the Heels were as good as anyone on paper, but the development of Deon Thompson was critical.  Hansbrough is a solid, even dare I say great, regular season college player, but when you get into a one game format, where athleticism and basketball abiiity are so important, Hansbrough just doesn’t match up.  The Heels still rely on this over-achiever to be their go-to-guy, and thats why they can’t win it all.


Duke is young, athletic, sharp shooting, but deathly small.  I love their defense intensity, and like that up to 6 different guys can lead the team in scoring on any given night.  What I don’t like is the severe lack of inside presence.  Zoubek?  Thomas?  come on.  Duke is good enough to get to the Elite Eight, if all goes right.  Thats their ceiling.  Coach K has done a great job this season, one of his best as a coach.  But the talent just isn’t there this season.

For the record, my Final 4 right now is UCLA, Memphis, UNC, Mississippi State (sleeper)

I thought yesterday’s loss by Memphis was critical, the Tigers needed some modesty.  Calipari will use this game as a learning tool, and drive this team to the title.

Memphis wins it all over UCLA in the finals.



4 Responses

  1. Agreed about the ACC. One thing I would mention about Duke is that they flop like a soccer team and that gets no play in the NCAA tournament, when they let teams play

  2. Yeah I’m certainly tired of Duke flopping as well. It’s like they all went to The Vlade Divac School of Defense. Stop Divacing out there. I heard Doug Gottlieb say last week that GTown was the most overrated Top 10 team. I was upset because although they lost 4 games, they were all to opponents who were ranked or have been ranked at some point this season. Duke just lost two straight to opponents who haven’t been ranked in years…Overrated!!!

  3. Unc is solid and should do well in the Tournament. I think,at this point they are the only potential Final 4 team.With so much time left b4 the Tourney,much can happen;but it is highly unlikely that the ACC will get more than 4 teams in.

  4. Bring on the madness!!! March is just around the corner.

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