McFadden Sprints to Top of Draft Board

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What a Game !

Commentary submitted by Broadway    

For the record, I did predict on the air on Saturday that the Giants would win 24-21 with Eli as the MVP. I wanted to just say that the G-men would cover, but those FL folks wanted me to pick a winner of the actual game. The outcome was not a shock to me, as the Pats aura of invincibility was shrinking each week – and then the crippled Chargers took them to the limit in their own building.

It was a pleasure to enjoy the game more than the commercials. The scales are starting to even out as it pertains to competitiveness.

It’s was nice watching Peyton turn into one of the biggest Giant fans, if only for a day, and I couldn’t help but think how close it was for them to be competing. It may happen one day, but once the magic of this playoff run wears out, the Giants are not likely to return anytime soon.

I don’t think this run would have taken place had Tiki still been on the team.

Vegas has been doing just fine with the Pats for the last 6 weeks, +/-. However, I did lose a bundle when I was promised that the Steelers would cover the number in Forborough – I was even guaranteed to take the money line – my biggest loss of my weekend in Vegas in early December.

What a great way to end the season! What a game!

Shocked … Stunned

 Commentary by Medicus

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Brady, Patriots, Perfection?

Brady, Patriots, Perfection?


For months now the talk around the NFL has been will they, or won’t they? Will the New England Patriots pull off the unimaginable and pull off perfect season? Since about week 4 or 5, after the Patriots started the season scoring 38 points in 3 straight games, experts have been saying that this could be the year of the undefeated team. I’ve said all along that this would never, and could never happen. I’ve said that the Pats will lose at least one game, if not two. I said that the pats would lose two of the three games of the two away games against Baltimore, and the Giants, and the third being home vs the Steelers. Well, I was at the Ravens game and were it not for a time-out called by Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan just before Ray Lewis, stopped Tom Brady’s QB sneak attempt on 4th and 1 with under 2 minutes left in the game, and his team trailing. Then again, later in the game the Pats were once again, a play away from being beaten, but thanks to a holding penalty called on the defense, Brady was given new life, and promptly threw a TD in the corner of the end zone to Jabar Gafney. Then, after the Pats had beaten the Ravens, Steelers, and survived a near defeat at home to the Eagles, I changed my opinion. Heading into the Giants game in New York, facing a Giants team that had already clinched a playoff spot I said, “they’ll either, go undefeated or they’ll win the super Bowl, but not both. Not 19-0, no shot!” My thinking was, maybe they actually will make it through the regular season undefeated, but no shot they go the whole season without a loss. I said, if your a Pats fan, you gotta be hoping they get beat this week (against the Giants) because, they gotta have a bad game at some point, so it better be now, or it’s gonna be in the playoffs, or in the Super Bowl.

So, the Giants play the Pats close for a while but in the second half the Pats pull away and win comfortably, and pull of the 16-0, undefeated regular season.

So the two weeks ago the playoffs begin, and Jacksonville wins in Pittsburgh, meaning it’s the Jags and nor the Steelers whom the Pats will make their 2007/08 playoff debut against in New England. Now, you must understand that brother Parliament, co founder of the soup, has been in my ear, as well as anyone else’s who would listen that the Jags were going to the Super Bowl. Which naturally, most of us thought he ought seek professional help for these type of delusions. I was however, surprised that the Vegas line on the game was only 13.5, considering that all the Pats home games for about a month or so, had lines that were Pats by over 20, or more. I waited anxiously to find out if Parliament was right, since he’d been saying the Jags will knock off the Pats in the playoffs, or would the predominating sentiment of the Pats being the best team of all time, be looking more and more like the case. We’ve seen teams make runs at perfection before, and crumble. The Colts of 2005, started 13-0, but couldn’t even make it to the Super Bowl, so for me how Brady, and the Pats responded after receiving post-season award after post-season award, after breaking record after record. How would 16-0 Pats do with an extra week of potential distractions, and swollen ego’s?

At the end of the first half it looked like the Jags would have no trouble hanging with the Pats, with Jags QB, David Garrard going toe to toe, and TD for TD with Tom terrific, and taking his team into the locker room tied at 14. Especially with Jags coach Jack Del Rio, opting to go for it on fourth and short in the first half, and then calling a play-action pass that resulted in a 30 plus yard completion, and set the Jags up for a first and goal, which resulted in a TD reception by Matt Jones. But, in the second half, i looked down for a second and all of a sudden the game was over. That scintillating first half where there were both teams incredibly combined for only 2 incompletion’s in total, lead to Tom Brady posting the best statistical game for a QB (%) in history. Regular, or post-season. Brady went 26-28. No, that’s not a mistake, and yes, you did read it correctly. He only threw two incompletion’s the entire game, in a playoff game, that was close throughout. One of them was a drop by Wes Welker on a short pass that hit him right in the hands, but took his eyes off of. I mean, come on, is this for real? 26-28, in a playoff game against a Jags defense that had been as tough as, and and playing as well as anybody? I’m not sure about you, but I thought that the Pats offense would have some drop off, after the whole “spygate”?

But, now I look at who’s left, and with the Colts mystifying loss at home to a Charger team that didn’t have Ladanian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers, on the field, and has Antonio Gates hobbled, I’m thinking that they’re about to get steam-rolled. Maybe it’s me, but with no Manning in the playoffs to stop Brady, well no “Peyton” Manning, and no Tony Romo, and TO, tom stop them, then who?

In my mind means one thing. There’s only one man that can prevent me from having to watch another summer of Tom Brady’s “white men can’t dance”, dance.

Another summer of having to see more of those “5 layers of fraud protection” commercials.

“Tom, we are all just metaphor’s…Can metaphor’s pay?” Ha Ha Ha.

That man’s name is Brett Favre.

That’s right, we’ve all had a harmless man crush now on him for years, and now he’s our last hope from another summer of hearing about which super-models Tom Brady has been so gracious enough to impregnate.

Now, I know some of you out there may likely be thinking that my opinions are in some way based in jealousy, and that I’m simply envious of Brady, or as the kids say, “I’m hatin on the Brady bunch”

But, I’m not jealous, and I don’t hate the Pats, I just don’t think any team can make navigating through a perfect 16-0 regular season, and then maintain the same high level of play through the entire post-season, considering you’ll have an bulls eye on your back from the rest of the league, knowing that your the top dog, and your gonna have to withstand the best punch from every team from here on in.

There’s no way they can continue to make it look this simple.

There can’t be.

Not more commercials with Logan Mankins.


Please Brett Favre, your the only one left who can stop them.

Medicus Projects NFL Final 4

NFL Final-4/Super Bowl

by Medicus
This will be the most anti-climatic football season since the 1998-season Denver Broncos.  The best team in the league this year was already determined before a single down of a single game took place in September.  The moment Randy Moss was acquired last spring for a 4th round draft pick (give me a break), the Pats were made 3:1 favorites to win it all.  Those odds have only improved by season’s start, and are now not even worth placing.  We all just needed to see it a few times before it was confirmed.  Any reasonable threats were brushed aside in weeks 6 & 9 at Dallas and Indy, respectively.  And both of those teams, the only ones with offenses capable of keeping up with the Pats, were upset in the divisional round of the playoffs last weekend.  It is smooth sailing ahead in open waters for Belichek, Brady, and company for the next three weeks.  In a re-match against San Diego, New England gets a southern California team that will literally LIMP into Foxboro with its three best offensive players (Tomlinson, Gates, Rivers) all hurting from last weeks contest at Indianapolis.  All will likely play, but be limited in what they can do.  For the Pats its ho-hum, been there, done that.  In week two this season, New England had their way with the Bolts, out-gaining them 2:1 total, holding them under 50 yards rushing, rushing for 150 of their own, and winning by 24.  Don’t expect it to be much different this time around.  Game time temps will be in the teens, and despite a CB tandem of Cromartie/Jammer, San Diego will have no answers for New England while they’re on the field, especially on the ground, where a knicked up Castillo and Williams will find the going tough against three Pro-Bowl linemen paving the way for Maroney, or protecting Brady while he throws.  San Diego can rush the passer at times (I’m starting to wonder if it would have been even worse if Indy came in, given all the time Rivers had to throw last weekend), and will have to take some chances in trying to get to Brady.  We all saw last weekend what happens when you play it conservatively and try to keep everything in front of you…………a slow death.  Belichek will likely take away San Diego’s ground game and make Rivers beat them.  Whom do you trust more?  Rivers or Brady?  Hell it might even be Billy Volek vs Tom Brady.  38-10 Pats.
In the event another re-match with the Giants takes place in the “SHOW”, don’t expect as close a game this time around.  The game will take place in “Winter Paradise”-Arizona, where field and game conditions will be perfect.  New England will be a double-digit favorite whether it’s the G-Men, or Brett Favre’s final hurrah.  As far as matching up with New England, Green Bay might be the better or more complete team, but neither have the horses I feel to keep up with the Pats.  Belichek will have two weeks for whichever sacrificial lamb comes their way.  This is one of “those teams”, the ones you look back on for some time for all those “greatest of all time conversations” amongst friends.  And the NFL Channel might have to redo that America’s Game series, which like every other countdown in recent memory, has the Dolphins 72’, and Bears 85’ as the two best teams ever.  And there will be no, ‘Well I think so-and-so could have maybe beaten them that season…………….they played everybody and beat them……….some twice”!  They have already rewritten the records books in many ways this year, the only thing left is 19-0.
Green Bay has lost two playoff games in its history at Lambeau Field………….but Randy Moss plays in another conference, and Michael Vick is in jail.  The Giants are on a run similar to Pittsburgh two seasons ago, but unlike that team, I don’t fee like the conference championship was the “easy part”.  The Packers already worked the Giants over earlier this year, and that was when Ryan Grant was fourth string.  Packers win 27-21.  Dallas-New England would have been the most hyped Super Bowl in the history of the league…………..but Green Bay with Favre is about the next best thing. is the ultimate site … for the ultimate sports fan !!!

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David versus Goliath

We all know the Pats are unbeaten this season, chasing history.  The Pats are largely consider one of the best, or the best team in NFL history.  The Pats have broken countless amounts of NFL records this season, team and individual.  The Pats have had two weeks to prepare, rest, and regroup for this playoff game.  The Pats enter this Saturday evening (8pm EST) matchup with Jacksonville a 13.5 point favorite.  To most people, including some esteemed colleagues of, this game will be not only be won by the Pats, but by a handsome margin.

Enter Parliament.  Recently, been called an “idiot” by sportsoup blogger, “Farmer Fran”, Parliament continues his rant that Jacksonville will beat the Pats in the playoffs.  See, Parliament has been stating this prediction for months.  When the Pats began the season in upwards of 7-0 … 8-0 … many a discussion occurred about the chances of the Pats going undefeated.  Upon request, Parliament consistently stated his theory that the Patriots would go undefeated during the regular season … but once they had to face the Jags in the playoffs, the run for perfection would be halted.  This Jags over the Pats theory seems all but consequential to Parliament’s preseason prediction of the Dallas over Jacksonville Super Bowl. 

So maybe Parliament is “grasping” here.  Maybe he is crazy.  Hey, he is a proclaimed “sports idiot!”  But like our friends with OneRepublic say, “it too late to apologize.”  And Parliament will never do it.  Parliament likes what he likes.  Sticks by his predictions, usually somewhat fearless.  That’s what trash talk is all about.  I say I like some team, or player, and you say, “they are shit,” with the same passionate enthusiasm.  And damn it feels good to be right … (as Garrard prepares his slingslot)

Projection:  Jacksonville   34      New England   31