What a Game !

Commentary submitted by Broadway    

For the record, I did predict on the air on Saturday that the Giants would win 24-21 with Eli as the MVP. I wanted to just say that the G-men would cover, but those FL folks wanted me to pick a winner of the actual game. The outcome was not a shock to me, as the Pats aura of invincibility was shrinking each week – and then the crippled Chargers took them to the limit in their own building.

It was a pleasure to enjoy the game more than the commercials. The scales are starting to even out as it pertains to competitiveness.

It’s was nice watching Peyton turn into one of the biggest Giant fans, if only for a day, and I couldn’t help but think how close it was for them to be competing. It may happen one day, but once the magic of this playoff run wears out, the Giants are not likely to return anytime soon.

I don’t think this run would have taken place had Tiki still been on the team.

Vegas has been doing just fine with the Pats for the last 6 weeks, +/-. However, I did lose a bundle when I was promised that the Steelers would cover the number in Forborough – I was even guaranteed to take the money line – my biggest loss of my weekend in Vegas in early December.

What a great way to end the season! What a game!


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